Where’s Your Wedding Album?

We celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary yesterday. And by “celebrated”, I mean I took the kids (who were out of school) to the zoo with another friend and her kids while my husband worked. Then, we topped off the celebration by rushing back for basketball practice and ordered pizza. Awww, the romance when you’re entrenched in life! (I am promising myself that we’ll at least go out to dinner alone in the next few weeks. . .)

And, since we just moved, our wedding album reappeared and has been floating around the house. I started to stick it in a drawer, but then thought the kids might have a fun time going through it. I remember I loved to look at my parents’ wedding photos, until I got to the page where it was just the two of them hugging on their ring bearer. I’m not sure how old I was, but I do remember being infuriated that they would ask another kid to be in the wedding and not me. That all didn’t make sense until later. . . 🙂

I was expecting a lot of oohing and awing–especially from my girls–when they looked through the pages of our big day. Instead, I got a “you look weird”, “who are all of these people?” and “there’s Grandmommy and Grandaddy!” Oh well. Even if they were less than impressed, I decided to keep it out where they could look through it anytime. What’s the point of paying all that money for pictures and tucking them away never to be seen again? And, so what if they rip the pages? Weren’t they actually the ones we preserved all of those memories for in the first place?
And, until they’re interested (and I think they will be eventually), it’s good for me to look back and remember that there was just the two of us before all of us. I can look at the pictures and remember how excited I was, exactly how I felt right before the doors opened and I got ready to walk down the aisle, the guests who came in late and almost messed up my big entrance. Ha! (No, but seriously, I do remember. . . )
So, do I dare ask where your wedding album is? Should we all start a “put-your-wedding-album-out-on-your-coffee-table” movement?

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