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When Did You Start Drinking Coffee?

coffeeHave you always been a coffee drinker? I’ve always wanted to be, but didn’t actually start until after our third baby was born and didn’t become addicted until after I had the twins 3+ years ago. To tell the truth, I had a very bad habit of drinking a cold Diet Dr. Pepper every morning for years. Then, in the groggy days of having a newborn, a three-year-old and a four-year-old, I added coffee along to the mix. Can you say nervous jitters?!
I finally broke the diet drink habit (well, only in the mornings) and am now a full-fledged a.m. coffee drinker. I’m pretty sure I drink more than the recommended dosage. (Usually, it’s two of these big cups–my favorites from Target.) And, I will one day mature into a black coffee consumer, but for now, I’m a pumpkin spice (or vanilla, depending on the season) creamer kind of girl.
What about you? When did you start drinking coffee?
(And, how much do you really drink?)

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