air purifier for baby

What is a Safe Environment for a Child?

When people are expecting or are new parents, they always try to make it safer for their babies from the very first month onwards. It could be through baby monitors, car seats, safer toys, constantly checking up on them, and more. But one of the things that is less regarded is the air in the house. Parents worry more about what’s around them, and just the visuals surrounding them rather than the air around them. The air is filled with tons of particles, such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, smoke, and much more that we can’t even think of which could make the environment for your baby less safe.

Parents are less likely to take the air as harm due to the fact that they could not be educated on it much, and they could also believe that it is not harmful as they also live and breathe in the same air. But it is much more different as babies are highly prone to infections, or sicknesses as they are fragile, and is still learning to be immune to certain scenarios. Therefore, it is important that parents know the dangers of air pollution and how to resolve them. One way of the biggest ways to do this is through air purifiers.

What is an Air Purifier?

Many can be familiar with an air purifier, but it could also be confused with an air humidifier, which is something completely different. An air humidifier is a device which add moisture into the air to replenish it from too much dryness. Whereas an air purifier is a device which removes all the contaminants from the air to provide cleaner air.

An air purifier uses a set of internal fans which filter and remove the unwanted particles in the air. It repeats the process by itself every hour or so, so there is no need to tackle it once it is done. So, it keeps the air clean without any complications. It is simple to use and a great investment, especially if you or your babies have any dust, or pollen related allergies.

air purifier for baby

The Benefits of a Baby Air Purifier

When it comes to baby air purifiers there are several advantages. The number one is the cleanliness of the environment of the household. The air that newborns breathe is extremely important. As their lungs are small and is still adjusting to the environment outside of the hospital, they need to be able to have proper breathing accessibility. So, the baby air purifiers provide a great way of doing this.

It also removes all the contaminated particles in the air, especially the pet dander, as they are dangerous if any follicles end up in the breathing system of babies. And so, it provides an easy clean.

Furthermore, it helps prevent the bacteria, and germs from spreading. So, it reduces the risk of airborne illnesses. So by investing in an air purifier it helps out the whole family as it prevents everyone from becoming sick rather than just the baby.

Plus it reduces the amount of allergens. Many people are allergic to dust, or pollen, this most likely starts as a baby due to the lack of air purification. So due to this it would be beneficial for families to use air purifiers. Moreover, air purifiers not only seal in allergens, it also traps dust, and clears smoke.

Overall air purifiers are a great thing to have around the house.

What to Consider When Purchasing an Air Purifier

When purchasing an air purifier there are a number of aspects to consider, these could range from the scale, model, price, and most importantly if it will bother the baby, as cranky, sleepy babies are not a pleasant sight.

It is really important to consider the volume the internal fans reciprocate, because the noise can wake up the babies and keep them up, which is not good for their health. So it would be beneficial if they hear the system operate before purchasing.

Also, when buying, consider the size. Air purifiers range from small to medium to large. If parents are considering it for their baby’s room, it would be better to stick with a small one specifically designed for one room. But could also benefit the baby if the whole house was purified as he or she will not be in one room, as they will move around and explore the whole house once possible. Therefore, it would be safer to invest in a larger scale.

And as air purifiers need to be maintained make sure that there is easy access to cleaning and ask from the seller if it is possible to reuse filters or if more need to be bought, and how often the filters should be changed.

Air purifiers can also be on the expensive range, but it could also be possible to find them on the cheap side as well. They could range from $70 to over $200, there will also be extra costs for extra filters. The prices could be based on the quality of the purifiers. It is best to get a high quality air purifier. As it will last longer and much more durable. Plus it depends on whether the filter is true HEPA or just HEPA. True HEPA filters are more efficient as it removes pollen, dust mites, smoke, dust, odours, pet dander, lint, and mold. Whereas HEPA filters are less effective as they don’t filter pollen, dust mites, and mold. So, depending on which one you get could determine the prices drastically. Also, the different lights could also cause the price ranges to go up. If the air purifier has a UV-C light bulb, which kills germs with an ultraviolet light. So, each of these features have to be taken into consideration when examining the prices. It would be best if the device has the best options as it will make sure that everybody is living in a safer environment, especially the baby.

On the bottom-line baby air purifiers are a great device to have around the house, since it is said that the indoors is more polluted than the outdoors. So, investing in a purifier is a fantastic choice if we want to keep the environment for babies safer, and cleaner. Even though there are other methods to keep the environment safe, this would be the best solution.

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