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On Starting a Second Blog. . . (And Fear of Failure)

On Starting a Second Blog. . . (And Fear of Failure)

I will tell you that I wrote the previous (first) post several weeks ago and finally hit publish–with great anxiety, I might add. Oh, and I didn’t tell a soul. You would think after being a full-time blogger for more than five years that I would have the hang of this by now. But, a starting a second blog that’s more about me and my personal thoughts. . . Well, that’s just scary.

Truth be told, I don’t know what this particular blog is going to be about. The title suggests motherhood (and I certainly hope it’s a huge encouragement to moms!). But, deciding whether this is going to be the place to share my mommy fears, my pet peeves or my favorite nail polish color–well, that’s still to be determined. I’m leaning toward light-hearted conversation with a little of the other (deeper) stuff thrown in, depending on the day.

Then, there’s that fear of just being able to keep up with it all. I love to write. I have thoughts spinning around in my mind all the time that I want to write down. (Of course, these brilliant ideas always happen when I’m driving down the road or just as I lay my head down at night.) Writing is very therapeutic for me, but then I think, should I really add something else to my plate right now?

What if you don’t like me as much as you think you do? What if you think I’ve got it all under control (thanks to the pretty stuff I show you on the other blog) and then my cover is blown? What if you think my house is always neat, my kids are always well behaved and I never lose my temper? (Boy, you’re getting ready to be so disappointed.)

But, then I’m reminded of the Voice that’s been quietly telling me I should be an encourager to young moms. The Voice that tells me we need a lot more transparency among “girls” of all ages. The same Voice that has made me feel a little unsettled by all of the crazy I’m also guilty of trying to keep up with. I’m pretty sure I know Whose voice that is.

So, I guess I move forward, and if it’s a failure (meaning I can’t keep up with this, I’m uninspired, nobody reads it, etc.), then it wasn’t meant to be–and that’s okay. Right?? The biggest part of doing anything scary/new is just the act of starting.

Thanks for letting me work through these thoughts with you. What new thing are you scared to try for fear of failure? We’ve all got something.