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What Not to Do after Giving Birth
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What Not to Do after Giving Birth

It takes about 9 months of pregnancy and you will probably need that time to recover from the birth. Whether it’s a normal or caesarean birth, your body has just gone through a rough period. Therefore, you should pay attention to abstinence after birth to recover quickly. After giving birth, your body needs a special care regime and proper nutrition to recover quickly. Please refer to the following article of us for postpartum abstinence that you should do and the tips for you …

How to Treat Mild Eczema in Babies
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How to Treat Mild Eczema in Babies?

Eczema is a disease not only seen in adults but also common among babies, including births from 3 months to 2, 3 years old. Many people confuse eczema with other skin conditions that lead to untimely treatment and inadequate care. Therefore,  parents can not ignore information about the disease. Learn about eczema in baby Eczema is chronic dermatitis that occurs in all subjects, at any age. The disease occurs when the Keratin horny layer of the skin is not provided with enough water, …

What Age Can Baby Use A Humidifier.png2
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What Age Can Baby Use A Humidifier

The humidifier is used for regulating the humidity inside your house and relaxing your breastfeeding baby to get comfortable and save him from any allergies and infections. But some of the humidifiers are not healthy. Listed below are some of the harmful effects that are hazardous to your baby’s health: Very high humidity: If your best cool mist humidifier for baby is set high then it might cause hazardous to your baby as the ideal humidity for our home is …

The Parent (Peer Pressure) Trap
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The Parent (Peer Pressure) Trap

I once heard a sermon on parenting where the preacher said you never experienced peer pressure in your teenage years like the peer pressure you’ll face from other parents once you have kids. At the time I heard it, our oldest kids were around toddler age, but it stuck with me. And, I’m starting to learn exactly what he meant. We’re entering the age of new freedoms and trying to decide what the “right” ages are to do what. . . Cell …