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While I Blog. . .

mom and baby
I told you guys from the start that this “side blog” thing might be a little sporadic. I have some set time each week that I work on my design blog, but this one is just as I can. I’ll usually just pull up my drafts and write a little here and there or just jot down a quick “mommy thought” that I want to share with you later.
Last week, I thought I had a few minutes to write while the twins were consumed with the Bubble Guppies so I sat down at the desk in my bedroom. Within two minutes, I suddenly found myself getting an ambush makeover as I was typing. I thought I’d snap a few “selfies” of the process for those of you who have asked, “how do you find time to write two blogs?”. Well, now you know the answer. . . I don’t.

The Breather Years

I recently heard a mom (of grown children) refer to the ages between eight and twelve as “the breather years.” With our oldest being eleven and our youngest (two) being three, I feel like I’m experiencing several phases at once. I am loving that I’m able to have real conversations with my older kids and that they get my humor. (At least someone does. . .) But, finding time to sit down with them when someone else isn’t clamoring to get my attention (or needs some juice or bathroom assistance or new underwear) is a challenge.
I caught myself thinking the other day that “when the twins are eight, we’ll all be able to finally have normal conversations.” Then, it hit me that my oldest will then be 16 and probably off with his friends, driving(!) in an actual car and might not want to talk to me at all. . . So, I’m vowing to try harder to sit down with my oldest kids after the others go to bed and do whatever it is they’re doing (which is watching The Voice, as of late). But, trying to soak up every age when there are so many different ages is something I’m trying to figure out.
What age has been your favorite with your kids so far?
(Tell me it’s the teenage years. Please.)
And, if you have several kids, how do you enjoy all phases at the same time?And, finally, if my kids are spaced out over an eight-year period, when exactly does that mean I get my breather? By my calculations, it’s somewhere around 2030. . .

I Didn’t Just Say That. . .

my childYou know those sentences that as soon as they leave your lips, you know that surely no one else in the entire universe has said the same ridiculous statement? Those things you would’ve sworn that you would never ever say before you became a mom. The kind of sentences that make you wonder what your life has become. Because they’re usually too ridiculously crazy to remember, I’ve started logging my favorite ones in the notes on my phone. Here are three from the last couple of weeks, for example. . .
Quit eating her hair with a spoon.
I’m not going to sit by you again if you keep putting rice in my ear.
You! Bring my bra back right now!

You know exactly the kind of things I’m talking about now, right? Alright, give me the best, most ridiculous sentence that’s come out of your mouth in the last week. The least we can do is provide comic relief for one another during these days.