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The Parent (Peer Pressure) Trap
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The Parent (Peer Pressure) Trap

I once heard a sermon on parenting where the preacher said you never experienced peer pressure in your teenage years like the peer pressure you’ll face from other parents once you have kids. At the time I heard it, our oldest kids were around toddler age, but it stuck with me. And, I’m starting to learn exactly what he meant. We’re entering the age of new freedoms and trying to decide what the “right” ages are to do what. . . Cell …

10 Make-You-Feel-Pretty Dresses1

10 Make-You-Feel-Pretty Dresses

For my getaway last week, I had to dress up (like a real person) almost every day. When my main outing is normally the grocery store, it’s nice to buy something new and a little out of the realm of what I usually wear. I came across this red lace dress online and fell in love. I deemed it my birthday gift to myself and ordered it right away. (By the way, I’m 5’3″ and was surprised at how much I …

Where's Your Wedding Album

Where’s Your Wedding Album?

We celebrated our 15-year wedding anniversary yesterday. And by “celebrated”, I mean I took the kids (who were out of school) to the zoo with another friend and her kids while my husband worked. Then, we topped off the celebration by rushing back for basketball practice and ordered pizza. Awww, the romance when you’re entrenched in life! (I am promising myself that we’ll at least go out to dinner alone in the next few weeks. . .) And, since we …